Welcome to Victory Gym one of Melbourne’s longest running premier gyms. First established back in 1970, it was the first of its kind which started a fitness movement that spread rapidly and has continued to grow, which is still evident to this day.

From the very beginning our main principals still apply to today, good old fashioned hard work, dedication, discipline and a continuous amount of motivation. We strive on assisting each and every person, pushing you closer to your fitness goals.

We have some of the finest equipment direct from the U.S along with customised equipment you won’t find today.

We have a massive range of equipment covering every body part, specialty bars, cardio equipment, boxing facilities, workout accessories, a great range of supplements, merchandise and a training atmosphere money can’t buy. Our trainers will push you to new limits and won’t stop until they get the best out of you. Their dedication and commitment is second to none

We started off a traditional gym and will always remain traditional, and even with today’s technology we still don’t believe in membership cards. We’ll always know who you are and always be there to support you. You’ll be treated you as a person not just another number.


Welcome to Victory Gym – we were first gym to open within the north western suburbs and still one of the longest running gyms in all of Melbourne. Originally located in an old church in Deakin St, Essendon, Victory Gym has been helping people achieve their fitness goals since 1970.

The original owner Harold Dempsey first began making gym equipment out of his workshop and after a short period of time, opened the doors to a legacy that still stands today stronger than ever.

After 8 years in operation Harold sold the gym onto another charismatic individual being Brian Sirc. Brian first began in the fitness industry many years earlier helping out individuals from the Hawthorn Football club with weights and fitness along with many other codes in sport. He too continued the legacy by expanding the business and carrying on tradition as it soon became one of Melbourne’s toughest gyms to train at. By the early 80’s Victory Gym had expanded that much that the member capacity became far too much for the little old church it once was and moved to its next home in King St, Airport West. This is where Brian truly excelled with a traditional Bodybuilding set up.

By the late 80’s early 90’s Victory Gym had established itself as a serious gym to train at. Those that wanted push new boundaries knew that this was the place to be. By this stage it was one the few old school gyms left in the area as many other gyms were moving onto the next era of training and fitness. With the Gym thriving, Brian’s health began to deteriorate as he was diagnosed with cancer back in 1998 and also suffered from a few other health issues over the following years. Being the longest serving owner of 30 years, Brian decided that it was time to move on and pass on the legacy.

The summer of 2007/08 brought many new changes at Victory Gym as it went under renovation for the first time in over 20 years. With the brand new reception area, new management, a wider variety of supplements on offer, brand new cardio facilities, updated boxing area and now a fully upgraded gymnasium with state of the art equipment direct from America, Victory Gym will long see into the future of health and fitness.



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6 King Street, Airport West, Melbourne 3042