Victory Gym Melbourne works to maintain an ideal workout environment for our clients. Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or athlete who spends hours working out each day or you’re simply stopping by for an hour-long workout routine, our team works hard to ensure your visit is a productive and rewarding one.

In addition, Victory Gym Melbourne has great hours of operation, which are designed to ensure you have access when you need it. We understand that your life is busy, so we offer flexible hours that are sure to fit virtually any schedule.



Melbourne we have a Wide Range of Gym Fitness Equipment and Workout Machines. Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or a mum who’s looking to get fit and shed the baby weight, Victory Gym Melbourne has a wide range of equipment to suit virtually any and every workout routine or fitness objective.

With such a wide array of equipment, there’s literally something for everyone and the variety will ensure that you don’t suffer from workout boredom or burnout. Victory Gym’s large collection of equipment will ensure your workout remains fun and productive.



Exercise is just part of the equation. True health and vitality requires a blend of good nutrition and a great workout or exercise routine. Our fitness and nutrition are interlinked – that’s our philosophy. We understand the importance of proper nutrition. If you fail to take the proper vitamins and supplements or don’t eat properly, you can actually harm your body and ultimately, this can even lead to weight gain!

The right supplements can effectively complement a bodybuilding regime or workout routine. Our experienced fitness team members are available to provide you with the information and guidance to ensure that you’re feeding your body in a way that supports optimal health and fitness.



At Victory Gym Melbourne, gym fitness and boxing is a priority. So you’ll enjoy access to a wide range of clean, well-maintained equipment and you’ll have access to our team of experts who are available to answer questions, provide recommendations or offer customised training sessions.

Come and train with one of our professional boxing trainers, contact us today.


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